James Taranto in his Best of the Web column today puts into words very well something I’ve been thinking for some time but haven’t been able to express nearly so well:

Such empty oppositionalism has been the dominant theme of Democratic politics at least since the emergence of Howard Dean in 2003. But there is a weird genius about the way Obama, with his soothing style and inspiring persona, is able to present it as if it were something of real substance.

This is the real issue with Obama – there’s no substance there and yet he’s able somehow to convince his supporters that there is. Will the media ever call him on this? Or will the scales fall from the electorate’s eyes at some point anyway? I find it hard to believe that he can really keep this up for another nine months, but with the media’s help it’s perhaps just possible.

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One Response to “Nice summary of Obama’s substanceless appeal”

  1. Eliza Says:

    NO! The press will never call any of the democratic candidates on anything that would expose them as the American haters that they actually are. And yes, anyone who wants to dismantle our constitution does not understand the value and true power of our nation. Anyone who wants to pander to the UN or Europe – or anyone who at heart is a socialist does not love what makes this country great. I have watched reporters who looked like they were in LOVE with Obama, just beam at him – forget about challenging him! That is never going to happen. I wouldn’t put it past the press to cover-up for Obama, or Hillary – the press are masters at manipulating things in favor of the democratic candidates. Classic example: I remember four years ago when Kerry was running for president and his wife Teresa was always saying the most outrageous things. So what did the press do – they started to spin everything such that they in essence said, “Isn’t Teresa refreshing! What a breath of fresh air” and then it wasn’t long before people started talking about how open and honest she was. Actually she is NUTS and if she had been married to a republican nominee, they would have called her a nut.

    Obama is smooth – he is so smooth – not slimy like Bill Clinton – Obama has a kind of dignity that Bill never had. What scares me the most about Obama is this crazy notion that he is going to Unite the country. But I ask you, how can the most liberal senator in Washington unite the conservatives and the liberals? HOW! And furthermore, why is there such a need for us to be united? We can live together peacefully and hold totally different views. This idea that we are polarized and that this polarization is somehow dangerous is so odd to me. Far more dangerous is the notion that we should somehow all feel the same way about everyting. Isn’t that communism!?

    There are some issues that I will never bend on – issues which democrats and conservatives do not see eye to eye. To name a few: amnesty, how to handle the war in Iraq, immigration laws, taxes, global warming…the list goes on and on.