I have to wonder whether this was an April Fool’s joke. But then again, it’s coming from Ted Turner, so who knows:

Ted Turner in an April 1 interview with Charlie Rose:

TURNER: We have to mobilize the same way we did when we entered World War II in 1941. We have to fully mobilize everything we have and put it into changing the energy system over, and not just here in the United States, but all over the world. . . . not doing it will be catastrophic. We’ll . . . be eight degrees hotter in 10 – not 10, but in 30 or 40 years. And basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died, and the rest of us will be cannibals.

Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state like Somalia or Sudan, and living conditions will be intolerable.

The droughts will be so bad, there will be no more corn growing. . . . we’ve got to stabilize the population.

ROSE: So what is wrong with the population? . . .

TURNER: We’re too many people. That’s why we have global warming. We have global warming because too many people are using too much stuff. If there were less people, they’d be using less stuff. . . . we’ve got to stabilize population. On a voluntary basis, everybody in the world has got to pledge to themselves that one or two children is it.

Does even the most extreme global warmist believe any of what Turner says here? Or has he completely lost his mind?

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One Response to “Ted Turner on global warming”

  1. Brynn Says:

    Jan – have you read this article in Time about how in the rush to turn plants into biofuels, not only are food prices going through the roof, but entire rain forests are being bulldozed, in the Amazon and in Malaysia? According to this article, far more damage is being done by destroying these forests in order to make room for farmland, than from any contribution these biofuels were originally thought to have made towards making our fuels more “green.” It blows my mind that it’s environmentalists who are essentially responsible for this damage and echoes comments you’ve made before about how we need to know more before we take action. This is a giant blunder and for me proves the necessity of thinking first before taking action.