May 8th, 2008 by Rightsideup

Another classic example of liberals’ one-way interpretation of free speech. Hot Air has covered an event which occurred at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point recently. Some pro-life activists had obtained permission from the University to put up a display of crosses on one of the lawns. Then, a pro-abortion individual came along and started pulling all the crosses down. His defense? Abortion is a constitutional right, so now you don’t have the right to challenge it.

Why do liberals think free speech only goes one way? Why is only their speech protected? How do they justify this to themselves? In my experience, it’s often because they see themselves as believing the right things, and so believe that the field of acceptable opinions has them at its center, not at the left-most fringe. As a result, all conservatives and worse are in the unacceptable part of the spectrum. Free speech shouldn’t really protect all speech, just that speech which falls within the acceptable range. At any rate, not anything that’s likely to change soon.