March 17th, 2008 by Rightsideup

Toby Harnden on the UK’s Daily Telegraph has written a speech he wishes Mrs Spitzer would have given. While I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say I wish she had given it (I think there is merit in trying to keep working at a marriage even when one partner has clearly gone off the rails) it would be refreshing if one of the jilted wives in these many cases actually said what so many of them must be thinking, and followed through in the way suggested by this speech.Here’s a quick taster:

My name is Silda Wall. Until yesterday, I was called Silda Spitzer but I have now reverted to my maiden name. I will not be Hillary Clinton. I will not be Wendy Vitter. I will not be Dina McGreevy. I am free of you.

Your arrogance and utter depravity are summed up not by just your actions with prostitutes – as disgusting as they were (the actions, not the prostitutes – I bear no ill will towards these women) – but by the fact that you wanted me to be beside you as you resigned, to look devastated and broken as I stood by my man.

You saw me as a prop to justify your unfaithfulness and start your rehabilitation. You assumed I would forgive you. But no, I will not countenance that. You are on your own.